UK Vets Remove Six Golf Balls Lodged In German Shepherd Dog’s Stomach For Months!

In England, veterinarians removed six golf balls that had been lodged in a German Shepherd dog’s stomach for several months!

Murphy, a 7-year-old German Shepherd,had emergency surgery in July 2015 at the Westway Veterinary Group in Newcastle to save his life after x-rays revealed unidentified objects inside him.

David Larson, the dog’s owner, was shocked when he found out that Murphy had golf balls in his stomach. Larson said he had not walked Murphy near a golf course in the 18 months since he got him from a home.



“I couldn’t believe it when I heard he had swallowed six golf balls. I’ve only had him for 18 months and he has never come into contact with golf balls during that time, so they must have been lodged inside him for a long time,” he said.

The problem was revealed when Murphy became sick after eating a bone.

“It only became apparent when he swallowed a bone, which made him poorly as he had diarrhea and was being sick, Larson said.

Now, the German Shepherd is recovering and starting to be the playful dog Larson and his family know once again.

“Having the golf balls inside him must have affected him because I’ve noticed since the operation he is much brighter and much more playful,” Larson said. “He has made an excellent recovery since the operation – and I’m going to make sure he is never given bones or allowed anywhere near a golf course in future.”


German Shepherd Marine Dog Handler Shares What It’s Like To Protect The US President!

In this video a German Shepherd Marine dog handler hares what like to be military partners helping to protect the US President!

Cpl. Christopher Vogt works as a canine handler and trains Kepie, a longhaired German Shepherd military dog. The pair help protect the president of the United States.

“Once you pick up a military working dog, you first build rapport. You go out there; you walk with them; you play with them,” he says. “That dog needs to learn you. He needs to trust everything you say, so he needs to be able to know your voice and be able to know what you do and how you’re going to react.”

Every day, Christopher trains the German Shepherd in obedience and patrol work. The dog also needs to learn how to interact with civilians who may get friendly toward him, while being wary of those who may be engaging in suspicious behavior.

Just like their handlers, Kepie and his fellow military working dogs also go through physical training.

These German Shepherd Puppies Tilting Their Heads Will Make Your Day!

What’s cuter than German Shepherd puppies? German Shepherd puppies tilting their heads, of course!

Don’t you just love it when German Shepherd pups tilt their heads? These two 10-week-old cuties are hanging out with their human inside the house. And just like us, the owner of these cuties just cannot help but giggle at their cutesy innocence so he or she most likely made unusual sounds to make the German Shepherds tilt their heads.

Tilting to the left, tilting to the right; these little fluffballs cannot help but be curious about what they’re hearing. Their ears are already standing up but the tips cannot help but slightly flop from one side to the other.

Awww. These two German Shepherd cuties sure are melting our hearts!

Super cute!