Here’s a nice and fun idea to play with your dog!

Watch as this German Shepherd plays Monkey in the Middle with her owners in the pool!


It’s a beautiful day to soak in the pool and these two men have found a cool way to keep themselves and Roxie the GSD entertained!

Most dogs love balls and Roxie’s no exception. But what she loves even more is swimming in the pool. The pooch has the best of both worlds and doesn’t seem to mind that she never gets a tooth or paw on the ball.

As the two men would throw the ball to each other, the eager German Shepherd swim towards the person who has it!

Roxie’s humans are teasing her – they toss the ball away whenever she gets near!

But the German Shepherd seems to love the experience!

It looks like this beautiful dog doesn’t mind being the monkey in the middle!

Go Roxie!