Hypothyroidism in German Shepherds: FAQs

Hypothyroidism in German Shepherds is often ignored as many symptoms look similar to that of other diseases. German Shepherds are among the canine breeds more susceptible to this hormonal disorder. Unless treated early, hypothyroidism may lead to long-term complications.  

Is hypothyroidism life threatening?

Hypothyroidism in German Shepherds is characterized by an underactive thyroid gland. Normally, the thyroid gland produces thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) hormones. T3 and T4 are responsible for regulating the metabolism – the process of converting food into energy – in the body. Dogs aged between 4 and 10 years and those neutered are at an increasing risk. Though hypothyroidism is not life-threatening for your German Shepherd, it may make him vulnerable to serious diseases and disorders.  


What causes hypothyroidism in German Shepherds?

The following causes may trigger hypothyroidism in German Shepherds. 

  • Thyroid gland tumor 
  • Shrinking thyroid gland 
  • Medications, particularly corticosteroids 
  • Immune system attacking the thyroid gland 
  • Lack of exercise  
  • Obesity 


 What are common signs of hypothyroidism in German Shepherds?

If your German Shepherds has any of the following symptoms, he may be suffering from hypothyroidism disorder. 


Silly German Shepherd Dog Tries To Catch Water Spurting From The Hose!

This German Shepherd is too funny and silly.

Watch as this dog tries to catch water spurting from the hose.

The dog’s owner is filling a plastic tub with water using the hose, when the GSD sees the opportunity for playtime.

The water pressure is high and when the water from the hose hits the water in the tub tiny bubbles are created – piquing the pooch’s curiosity.

The silly GSD decides to stop the water from the hose by catching it!

See the pup snap and bite at the water in an attempt to stop it – but no avail.

Will this pup ever catch the water?

German Shepherd Plays Monkey In The Middle With Her Owners In The Pool!

Here’s a nice and fun idea to play with your dog!

Watch as this German Shepherd plays Monkey in the Middle with her owners in the pool!


It’s a beautiful day to soak in the pool and these two men have found a cool way to keep themselves and Roxie the GSD entertained!

Most dogs love balls and Roxie’s no exception. But what she loves even more is swimming in the pool. The pooch has the best of both worlds and doesn’t seem to mind that she never gets a tooth or paw on the ball.

As the two men would throw the ball to each other, the eager German Shepherd swim towards the person who has it!

Roxie’s humans are teasing her – they toss the ball away whenever she gets near!

But the German Shepherd seems to love the experience!

It looks like this beautiful dog doesn’t mind being the monkey in the middle!

Go Roxie!

How High Do You Think A German Shepherd Can Jump!

It is a known fact that German Shepherds are athletic and intelligent dogs!

In this video, Tefnut demonstrates just how high a German Shepherd can jump!


The dog’s owner uses a ladder to put Tefnut to the test.

To show the scale and height of the ladder, the owner stands up beside it for comparison.

The owner holds a stick up at shoulder level.  In just one jump, Tefnut reaches and grabs the stick easily!

Then he climbs one step, holds the stick up once again, and Tefnut jumps for it with ease.

Owner and dog complete the exercise on the lower rungs of the ladder until it’s time to climb up the highest step of the ladder.

Can Tefnut reach the stick?

After a couple of tries, Tefnut succeeded!

So amazing!

German Shepherd And Brown Bear Are Best Friends!

A German Shepherd and a brown bear are best friends!  What an unusual interspecies friendship!

Watch them play as the brown bear sprays her canine buddy with a hose!

While we think bears belong in the wild, Tima, with the help of her German Shepherd friend, seems to be doing okay!

The footage was, captured in Villacarrillo, Jaén, Spain. The 300kg brown bear, originally from Siberia, was adopted by a Russian circus artist in 1995 when he was just five months old.

The pair travel the world together, performing in shows and films.

The bears owner says Tima was very easy to train.

“He has amazing qualities, he loves to play, he never shows any aggression, he’s not greedy and he’s great friends with my dog. We are very fond and proud of him. He is a member of our family.”

Vines Of Sweet Border Collie Hugging German Shepherd Go Viral! See The Sweet Dogs’ Videos!

Two sweet dogs have become celebrities in their own right! Awesome vines of a Border Collie hugging a German Shepherd are making their rounds in the internet and have gone viral!

Taylor Duguay taught her 2-year-old Border Collie to hug his furry best friend, a 2-year-old German Shepherd named Grizzly. The two have since become internet celebrities!

Lottie’s latest hug, which was posted on Vine last week, has been looped more than 35 million times!

“Lottie has a knack for doing tricks and she loves nothing more than performing for crowds,” Duguay told ABC Newsvia Facebook. “In my eyes, Lottie is a super dog.”

The proud dog owner shares that although Lottie is a pretty lovable dog who does lots of tricks like sledding, dock diving, and catching Frisbees, “she’s very much a normal dog.”

“Lottie isn’t perfect,” she says. “I’ll be the first to admit she’s like every other dog. She barks when someone comes to the door, she’s chewed a roll of paper towels and she likes spending her days taking naps.”